LIX is a world-leading technology making active ingredients

World Leading Technology

LIX is a world-leading patented technology making active ingredients (cannabinoids, functional mushrooms, nootropics, essential oils, etc…) completely water-soluble in a shelf-stable state. With a concentration of 15 milligrams of active ingredients per milliliter of solution, the all-natural LIX solution makes it very simple to create your own customized active ingredient infused products. Due to its unique performance, LIX can be used to infuse a wide variety of products with fast-acting active ingredients: hot or cold beverages, foods, cooking oils, topicals and more.

Since the average particle size of LIX is a minuscule 25 nanometers, the active ingredients become very bioavailable and begin absorption upon entering the mouth or applying to the skin. No other process for solubilizing active ingredients performs this well.

LIX will homogenize in liquids without separation or settling, similar to how simple syrup mixes evenly and clearly into water. This ensures active ingredients are evenly distributed throughout the product, eliminating any worries about third-party lab testing for potency and homogeneity variances in samples, especially since the active ingredients don’t stick to packaging. Consumers have peace of mind about getting a perfect, predictable, and consistent dose every time.

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Key highlights of LIX

LIX is the technology you need if you’re looking to create an infused product of any kind for the retail market.
100% Water Soluble

Easily dissolvable with water

Fast acting* (10min avg)

No need to wait for a long time. IX takes effect quickly

Zero Separation / Zero Settling

Combines with water without separation or settling

High Bioavailability

Fast and Efficiently absorbed

LIX “becomes” the liquid

LIX doesn't just mix with the liquid. LIX becomes a part of the liquid

Perfect batch dosing + consistency

Perfectly measured for our customers

Zero sticking to equipment or packaging

The marker residue is below the limit of detection using the approved regulatory method.

Predictable duration

Know and predict the designated period of time

Retail product can be labeled as all-natural

100% all natural and organic

Potential Uses Include

Functional Beverages

LIX isn’t just for water. You can also mix it with your favorite beverage

Spray Tinctures

You can also use LIX as a Spray Tincture or mix it with your current tincture

Food Additives

Enjoy your meal with LIX. You can also use LIX as a food Additive

Cosmetic Ingredient

LIX can also be a help with your cosmetic problem 

World Leading Patented Technology In Making Active Ingredients

If you’re looking to create an infused product of any kind for the retail market LIX is the technology you need!